Friday, October 12, 2012


  •  Learn how the principles of care for the needy, service to neighbor, and self-reliance complement each other. The Lord’s way of self-reliance involves in a balanced way many facets of life, including education, health, employment, family finances, and spiritual strength. ~Dieter F. Uchtdorf  
    Providing in the Lord’s Way

    (OCT. 2011 Conference) 

  • Everyone faces financial challenges in life. Through wise budgeting, control your real needs and measure them carefully against your many wants in life. ~Elder Ballard Keeping your Life in Balance( SEPT. 2012Liahona)

  • Latter-day Saint spouses should do all within their power to preserve their marriages… They should be partners in family finances, working together to regulate their desires for temporal things. ~Dallin H. Oaks Divorce (April 2007 Conference)

  • We can organize our families based on clear, simple family rules and expectations, wholesome family traditions and rituals, and “family economics,” where children have household responsibilities and can earn allowances so that they can learn to budget, save, and pay tithing on the money they earn. ~ Elder L Tom Perry Becoming Goodly Parents (Oct.  2012 Conference)

  • Marriage is sanctified by family prayer morning and night and daily scripture study. Marriage is stabilized by careful financial planning, avoiding debt, and living within a budget with willing obedience to the Lord’s law of tithing. ~Elder Nelson The Doctrinal Importance of Marriage and Children (Jan. 2012 Worldwide Leadership Training)

  • The lesson we learn generation after generation is that rich and poor are all under the same sacred obligation to help their neighbor. It will take all of us working together to successfully apply the principles of welfare and self-reliance.  ~Elder Ucthdorf  

    Providing in the Lord’s Way

    (OCT. 2011 Conference) 

  • How grateful I am for the law of tithing. It is the Lord’s law of finance. It is set forth in a few words in the 119th section of the Doctrine and Covenants. It comes of His wisdom. To every man and woman, to every boy and girl, to every child in this Church who pays an honest tithing, be it large or small, I express gratitude for the faith that is in your hearts. I remind you, and those who do not pay tithing but who should, that the Lord has promised marvelous blessings. ~Gordon B. Hinkley The Times in Which We Live (Oct. 2001 Conference)

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